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January 12, 2024

Irene Lyon Affiliate

Irene Lyon Affiliate

Proud Affiliate of SBSM

Rebecca and Irene smiling at the camera in the woods
Rebecca Roman (L) and Irene Lyon (R)

Rebecca Roman and Bonafide Motion are a proud affiliates of Smart Body Smart Mind (SBSM) and the Tune Up Your Nervous System 21-Day Program through Irene Lyon. Rebecca is a moderator of SBSM and a part of Team Lyon, and she offers this partnership as a resource to her clients.

SmartBody SmartMind™ is a 12-week online group program created by nervous system expert and somatic practitioner Irene Lyon, MSc. This revolutionary program runs twice a year and teaches you how to become your own medicine.

Its focus is to restore nervous system regulation through polyvagal-informed education, practical neurosensory exercises, and interactive support.

Use the links below for special registration offered through Rebecca and Bonafide Motion:

Smart Body Smart Mind Registration Early Spring 2024

Tune Up Your Nervous System 21-Day Program

Healing Trauma: Free Video Training