bonafide motion  {opportunities}

All offerings can take place off site at homes, businesses, schools, hospitals, wellness centers, etc.

Contact Rebecca directly about arrangement and cost investment.


All offerings are rooted in the theory and practice of the Feldenkrais Method and from there grow into a unique understanding and delivery of Functional Yoga, Mind Training, Fitness, and Wellness.


Please visit the calendar for times and locations.


[ Individual Lessons ]


Each lesson is specialized for the student.


Feldenkrais/ Anat Baniel Method lessons are one hour and take place on a Feldenkrais table using hands on gentle movement methods. These sessions are non-invasive, comfortable, and therapeutic and are the most potent way to begin creating change and overcoming limitations.

Personal Anat Baniel Method lessons for children are same price as the Feldenkrais sessions.

Somatic Experiencing lessons are meant to target Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and other physical and mental health problems caused by trauma. The therapy targets the body's perceived sensations to achieve relief and can be combined with Feldenkrais for ultimate results. 


Bonafide Motion Practice lessons include special yoga practices targeting the student's needs, interests, and concerns regarding their own well being and understanding of yoga. These are great for students who are looking to develop a more refined understanding of the practice and to enhance their studio and or home practice. The following are examples of functional yoga techniques.


Restorative/ Therapeutic
calming de-stress, recover from injury/trauma

Hatha flow blend 
some functional stretching, light cardio, and weight 

Weight Loss/ Training & Conditioning
yoga with sophisticated fitness training 
 exercises including light weights, trampoline jumping, and core focus


[ Investment Cost ]


$85 per single private session

$300 per four sessions to be scheduled with practitioner on a weekly or bi-weekly basis

$75 per session for children who receive a minimum of three sessions a week


[ Group Classes ]


Group Classes are for groups of students verbally guided through a learning experience and practice.


Feldenkrais Classes are done lying on the floor, sitting, or standing. Students are taken through a slow gentle movement lesson to increase awareness and functionality. Anyone can attend. These classes are not strenuous and will to enhance current workouts and activities.


Functional Yoga Classes are verbally guided Yoga practices involving postures, breathing awareness, and meditation.

Taught through the distillation of right knowledge from a range of styles and the Feldenkrais Method. 

Feel free to email, call or text if interested in attending a class!

[ Investment Cost ]

$15 random attendance

$10 weekly attendance


*See Calendar for class details

[ Workshops ]


Workshops are special in depth explorations into the Feldenkrais Method, Yoga, and a combination of them.

Each workshop has a unique theme and allows the participants to bring their questions and interests for an effective learning experience.



Workshops Available




Wellness: Nutrition & Holistic practices

Smart Shopper: 

Grocery shopping field trips to learn how to read labels and shop cost effectively


*Investment cost for workshops varies depending on the location and duration.


To keep updated about upcoming workshops email Rebecca at to be added to contact list. 

Healing through sense workshop
Registered Yoga Teacher Training
Feldenkrais & Yoga Workshop

[ Corporate Lessons ]


Corporate Lessons are for groups at the workplace to enhance wellness and productivity. These lessons can take place in office rooms with space to be on the floor or sitting in chairs.


  • Feldenkrais based lessons are verbally guided and done slowly and gently.

  • Functional Yoga is a simple and effective yoga movement based practice, involving some Feldenkrais and Yoga specialized to the group, and includes breathing practice, and mind training.


  • Mind training is a form of meditation/mind observation skills to alleviate stress and learn how to maximize thought and action.

  • Wellness demos involve talks about nutrition, wellness methods, and practices to create more work/life balance and health. The talks provide a practical way of considering healthy choices and lifestyle.


[ Investment Cost ]

$100 per one hour session of any practice